on Habakkuk

chapter 1:1–4
Habakkuk complaining,
praying, but no answering
Why is God allowing
increase in wrongdoing, –
no prevention?

God almighty telling
what he will be doing:
wicked nation –
Babylonians – conquering,
guilty Judah losing
God’s protection.

Greater perplexity:
God of eternity,
Holy Protector
of Israel, Redeemer:
how can he tolerate
those who eliminate
men less unrighteous
than they?
– with pride in their prowess,
and deaf to distress,
they worship their weapons, and strength,

chapter 2 v.1
A watchman –
waiting, watching, trusting, listening,
looking – expectant, no prejudging,
and willing for rebuke.

God’s Word record,
and spread abroad.
Wait faithfully,
it’s certain;
– see,
his judgement’s near,
and is severe
on pride, and wickedness.

By faith we’re righteous,
have life full, precious,
so persevere, in faith.

The day will come
when they’re undone
who boast and steal,
and make appeal
to idols;
– shame, disaster will
return for ill
they did. For no
escape from woe:
God’s justice day.

And the earth will be filled
with the knowledge of God,
the knowledge of God’s great glory,
as the waters cover the sea.
The Holy Lord
is on his throne.
Be quiet! for he alone

chapter 3
Reminders of God’s power,
reminders of his wrath,
reminders of his tender love
which never fails, keeps faith.
Reminders of his mercy,
and prayer for mercy, grace
in midst of wrath and judgement,
to shorten in that place
the trial of fierce chastisement.

With patience he will wait
the promised sure deliverance,
– in every straitened state,
rejoice in preservation,
in God, and his salvation;
with sure-footed confidence
to rise above each circumstance.

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