1) Flashing pictures in the corner
place you in a grander world.
You may feel yourself a loner,
living by the LORD’s good Word.

Pointless chatter buzzing by,
fills your mind, can occupy
pathways made for meditation.
Channels zapped to soothe attention,

and so, the days can drift away,
less time to ponder, praise and pray.

And yet, in moderation,
an aid to relaxation,
– what beauty we can see,
and sometimes drama opens up
our sensitivity
to people’s problems, thoughts and cares;
and news can prompt important prayers.

2) The adverts in the papers,
on the telly, by the road,
seem to want to make us wanting,
seem to tempt us, seem to goad; –
and if we had just everything,
they’d soon make something new.

A challenge to be thoughtful, thankful,
– the kind, contented few.

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