The rich man and …

Luke 16:19–31
What is the hope of atheists?
– hoping that death’s the end;
– nebulous views of humanists
I cannot comprehend.
God has appointed all to die,
– no-one the summons can defy;
– then they will realise, not deny
Jesus has told the truth.

Jesus declared God’s wrath and grace –
note all he had to tell –
taught them of heav’n, that glorious place,
warned of eternal hell.

Laz’rus had suff’ring while on earth, –
awful to live like this;
but he had found God’s grace, new birth,
– so after death came bliss.

He who was rich had with great zeal
looked after self each day;
yet he neglected needs so real –
need to be kind and pray.

Christ has himself returned from death,
– many will still not heed,
will not give thought beyond this earth,
though we may warn and plead.
Tune: CM eg ‘Lead me to Calvary’ by W J Kirkpatrick

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