Glimpses of glory

Moses saw a glimpse of glory,
glory of the LORD,
passing by, his name proclaiming,
self-revealing Word.
Glory, glory,
soon we’ll surely see
more than fleeting,
passing glimpses
of God’s majesty.

Glimpse of glory for Elijah,
and God’s voice he heard
telling of God’s certain purpose:
quiet, effective Word.

All the crowd saw Jesu’s power
when he made the bread
and the fish to feed the hungry:
sign to all who fed.

Later Christ showed his disciples
glimpse of glory, for
he walked by upon the water,
filling them with awe.

Still they needed explanations,
faith to comprehend,
understand the implications,
trust their sovereign Friend.

On the mount he was transfigured,
voice from heaven heard,
(Peter, James and John were frightened):
awesome, gracious Word.
Glory, glory,
in God’s Word we see
glory, grace of Christ eternal,
and his majesty.

Tune: ‘Pass me not’ by William H Doane (408 Grace Hymns) 85 85+

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