Growing in grace

Colossians 1:23; 2:6,7; 3:5,8,12
Habits strengthen day by day, –
not with ease we’ll break away;
strong the current all around, –
godless thoughts and words abound.
‘As you received him,
Christ, Lord and Saviour,
as you received him,
in him now live in faith.

Saints imperfect sometimes feel
lust for what should not appeal,
pull of passion in the heart; –
scheming Satan plays his part.

Christians need God’s power to stay
walking in the narrow way;
admonition to press on
in the life that they’ve begun.

‘Stand unmoved on gospel ground,
sins forgiven, God’s promise found;
put to death your ways so wrong
for to Christ you now belong.

‘Clothe yourselves with kindness, love,
grace receive from God above;
let his Word within you dwell –
rule to guide and truth to tell.’

Faith: believing truth revealed,
though the reasons be concealed.
Scripture study, persevere; –
faith in Christ casts out all fear.
Tune: 77 77 + ‘Jesus loves me’ by W B Bradbury

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