The beginning of trouble

How grim that day with sin first known,
God’s righteousness and judgement shown,
the pair aware of loss and shame,
and knowing they deserved the blame.
Was there no glimmer in the gloom?
Only if God would save from doom.

God spoke: but mixed with justice see
a glimmer of the victory,
the saving plan he has – her seed
will one day crush the devil’s head.
A glimpse of light for faith to hold,
and wait until the plan unfold.

God showed inadequate their cover
for shame: sewn leaves of their endeavour.
Guilt called for death, – God would supply
a substitute instead to die.
A glimpse …

Did they believe? It seems they did,
and trusted him from whom they’d hid, –
though long the wait for full fulfilment,
they tasted grace in midst of judgement.
The glimmer would one day be bright,
for Christ himself will banish night.

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