Loving Redemption applied

(1 John 3:1)
With love amazing, – quite beyond
my power to comprehend, –
he took me from my foolish ways,
and made me his dear friend!

Behold! and look what kind of love –
astonished as we see –
what love he’s lavished on vile souls –
immense and rich and free!

To be adopted, children dear,
though once at enmity,
awaiting great and glorious days –
that blest eternity.

The world may think we’re fools, deceived, –
they do not see how great
the humble, suffering, risen Christ, –
nor know how good our state.

We know we are his children now
though hard may be our path.
In love he sent his only Son
to save us from just wrath.

For deep the change that he has wrought
within our sinful hearts;
we hate ensnaring sin, and love
the grace that Christ imparts.

He has not promised easy ways: –
he wants his sons to grow
in faith and godliness, – his love
ourselves to others show.

But he has promised he will work
our good, and not allow
except what trials he thinks fit, –
his grace we’ll always know.

The Son of God we soon will see,
for Jesus will appear,
and take us to our Father’s throne,
removing every tear.

What love amazing! for he gave
the Son he loved so well,
and what atonement cost the Son
and Father, who can tell?

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