God’s eternity and trinitarian nature

Primary source of all existence –
no beginning, and no end –
God, unique, of such importance:
soon, we’ll better comprehend
his abilities and essence,
and authoritative presence.

He is One, but Son and Father
and the Spirit – Trinity:
perfectly they work together,
harmony and unity.
Inexpressible, in awe,
we believe, bow and adore.

God the Father asked his Son to
leave the glory, peace above.
Glad submission – scourging borne to
rescue us – what price such love?
Son delighting to obey,
though divine in every way.

Complementary, not inferior,
though their labour’s not the same;
Son submitting to his Father,
with no discontent, or shame:
single purpose, plan and goal:
happy with each other’s role.

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