Christian life – talking

Tongues cause trouble all through life:
words bring peace or stir up strife,
cheer or sadden, hurt or heal:
inward state of soul reveal.

Men remember what I say,
and I must confess each day
ask forgiveness of my Lord,
for my every idle word.

Let my words be few and wise,
calm, controlled, and free from lies;
let me not conceal intent
by kind words I have not meant.

Words and winks can tempt and draw
men to disobey God’s law;
gossip’s words will cast a stain,
and the slur will long remain.

Do not love in words alone:
Christians by their deeds are known:
kindly acts and gracious tongue
show a work of grace begun.

Tame my tongue, and teach it, Lord
from the counsel of your Word.
Cleanse my heart, so that it may
guide my tongue in what to say.

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