Hosea 6:4; 8:2;10:4,12; 14:2,5 Ephesians 5:1,4  Proverbs 25:11
Religious words and ways
can make us feel secure;
but thoughtful inward gaze
will shake, or reassure.
Words, words, words: words worthless or wise,
worthwhile or empty, words pondered, or lies?

Cheap passions soon have passed,
like dew-drops drift away,
for feelings that will last
don’t prattle as they pray:
Words, words, words, words gushing or weighed?
secretive? open? – backsliding displayed.

Is comfort now your goal?
are sacrifices few?
If satisfied of soul,
plough up the soil anew.
Words, words, words: words precious or vain?
rooted in faith, love, or rotting with shame?

Break up the fallow ground,
sow seeds of righteousness,
let kindnesses abound, –
like welcome dew, he’ll bless.
Worthy words, take words that are true;
praying, and praise with the well-chosen few.

Tune: 66 66 + iambic eg ‘Mine’ by R Frank Lehman

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