Building Philosophical houses of cards

In days of yore they trimmed their wood,
creating idols that looked good,
but nowadays we realise
a lifeless doll no help supplies.
Instead we sift ideas, build
a house on sand, with bubbles filled,
which cannot last, or satisfy
not now, nor soon, nor when we die.

An edifice may stand awhile,
but soon will be a rocky pile,
if not on lasting pillars founded:
false notions disappoint, confounded.

The truth that claims it will not fail,
must not give transient appeal;
and never crumble, bear all stress,
worthy of trust, not just a guess.

For human words are all so fallible,
but words from God are wholly credible.

But some are angry, and can’t see
why if he’s God, he won’t decree
at once the things they feel he should,
that seem to them so very good;
they do not feel that he can be
a help to those in agony,
nor see the need for this delay
before all evil’s swept away,
and we all meet him on his day.

Their choosing to believe, or not,
won’t change the facts if true, a jot
Will they just toss it in the waste,
without investigative taste?

Mystery disclosed

Colossians 1:25-2:10
People like to frighten, tease,
speculate on mysteries …
all is murky, no-one knows,
each enjoying to suppose …
Mystery of man and God:
come and see the mist removed!

Truth of wonder was unclear,
but when Jesus Christ came here,
Way and Word were both revealed,
nothing complex, half-concealed:
yet so awesome, mind can’t measure
vastness of redemption’s treasure.

Christ in me, and I in him, –
justified, and power within
to live like my Guarantor,
– though I fail, I sin abhor;
– joy and praise for what he’s done,
pressing on to glory won.

Christ: divine and man, so he
could atone and set us free;
source of wisdom, well of grace
while we struggle in this place –
treasures hidden to be found
daily, and our joys abound.
Tune: 77 77 77

Principles from Psalms 1&2

Those heeding earth’s Creator stand
and flourish, under his command,
but those who boast rebellious thought
rejecting what he sent and taught
will have, he says, their day in court,
and like the chaff, the words they say
with them will quickly blow away,
their influence passing, short their day.

The great Creator sees and hears –
men’s cleverness to him appears
as folly, for their vision’s short –
imperfect knowledge, and flawed thought.
So who will listen? he informs
of wisdom that we need, and warns,
appeals, foretells, and offers grace
once purchased for the human race.