Mystery disclosed

Colossians 1:25-2:10
People like to frighten, tease,
speculate on mysteries …
all is murky, no-one knows,
each enjoying to suppose …
Mystery of man and God:
come and see the mist removed!

Truth of wonder was unclear,
but when Jesus Christ came here,
Way and Word were both revealed,
nothing complex, half-concealed:
yet so awesome, mind can’t measure
vastness of redemption’s treasure.

Christ in me, and I in him, –
justified, and power within
to live like my Guarantor,
– though I fail, I sin abhor;
– joy and praise for what he’s done,
pressing on to glory won.

Christ: divine and man, so he
could atone and set us free;
source of wisdom, well of grace
while we struggle in this place –
treasures hidden to be found
daily, and our joys abound.
Tune: 77 77 77

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