New Year, or At Parting

1. Look back – remember grace divine,
look on – the way ahead
is known to God, and he is mine,
by him we’ll still be led.
ch. Look back, look onward, joyfully,
we’ll persevere and praise.
God will walk with us faithfully
through all the coming days.

2. Some memories cause pain, or guilt,
and others, thankfulness,
but struggles and emotion felt
all mould our growth in grace.
ch.    Look back . . .

3. The Lord who has upheld me through
these twelve months that have passed,
has placed me with his people true, –
each brief encounter’s blessed.
ch.    The bonds of fellowship are deep,
– support and empathy.
Through time and distance Christians keep
refreshing memory.

4. So, when again on earth we meet,
and then in heaven, we will
renew that fellowship so sweet,
unchanged in Jesus still.
ch.    Look back . . .
Tune: Auld Lang Syne

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