God’s protection of his people

Isaiah 52:12
Every year our God’s protecting,
Sovereign Father close around,
guarding, guiding, light providing –
grace sufficient will abound.
In Christ Jesus,
trust and walk with him, adore (him adore)
trust and walk with him, adore.

Many have vain expectations,
many aimlessly just drift;
but, despite our imperfections,
we have goals that never shift;
pressing onward,
on with him to know him more, (know him more),
on with him to know him more.

Saints don’t always feel his nearness,
but he always guards his own,
watches, wards off foes, and shields us.
We cannot be overthrown.
We are precious,
He’ll preserve us evermore, (evermore),
He’ll preserve us evermore.

For the LORD will go before you,
go before you all the way;
God of Israel is behind you,
as your Rear-Guard every day.
Use his Guide-book,
progress with protection sure, (progress sure),
Progress with protection sure.
Tune: 87 87 47  eg Cwm Rhondda by J Hughes

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