Joy to the world

Joy to the world where kindness, love
so often faithless prove.
Our world is lonely, sad, in pain:
but bringing comfort, help he came
rich grace and life to give,
the barrier-debt forgive,
– the Father sent his Son to save.

Joy to the world, the angels sang, –
salvation’s glorious plan!
A baby born, a human child,
the Son of God, man undefiled,
for us our death to die,
our ransom full supply:
to him we can be reconciled!

Joy to the world! Will you who hear
bow down, to him draw near?
in holy fear, and true regret
for follies, greed, and love’s neglect?
His welcoming arms are kind,
rejection, none will find,
who come with all their heart and mind!
Tune: 86 88 66 8 Antioch by George F Handel (tune of ‘Joy to the World’ by I Watts) 196 Grace

(The the Isaac Watts hymn is CM with a 4 line verse, but the 3rd line is slurred to music which fits lines 3 and 4 above happily; also that hymn’s last line is repeated twice, + part of the line – and the music has here been used for the extra two lines.)

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