and for children

(Job chapters 38–41)
Could you fish a crocodile,
or hook a dinosaur?
tell a shark to ‘wait awhile’,
and shake a lion’s paw?

Have you told the sun to rise,
explored through all the earth,
flown through space to check the skies,
watched mountain goats give birth?

Can you care for, and protect
the birds, and find their food?
Show me how you would direct
the thunder, for our good.

Can you talk to leopards wild,
tame rhinos, put a lead
on a cheetah for a child –
a pet of super speed! – ?

No! you’re not as strong as God:
the King who understands
all that happens in our world,
and rules with kind commands.

Do you ever grumble, whine, –
and pester, sulk or moan,
feeling bored most of the time,
for nothing’s really fun?

Friends can let you down, – who cares?
who’s always near by?
and loves to help and answer prayers,
and never tells a lie?

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