and for children

The Pharisee told God , ‘I’m glad I’m very good indeed.’
He didn’t ask for anything – he thought he had no need.
The other man was sorry-sad, and knew he had been bad.
He prayed for mercy, God forgave, and he was truly glad.
Never boast, or lie, but pray.
God knows how you’ve been today.
Ask, and he will gladly give,
– he will help you and forgive.

(Luke 11:5–8)
If to a friend at midnight
you went to ask for bread, –
‘Another friend has come to stay,
and I’ve no food,’ you said.

Although a friend, he would not
get out of bed, unless
he knew you had an urgent need, –
for help he heard you press.

And will not God, the Father,
if he’s your Friend indeed,
be pleased to hear you earnestly
pray for the help you need?
Tune 76 86  ‘We love the wonderful stories’ (Scottish folk tune)      arr W H Hamilton

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