A manger-crib

(based on ‘Away in a Manger)
No crib, just a manger to lay down his head,
his mother must place him where cattle had fed.
Though he is the King over all of the earth,
so quiet, so humble, unnoticed his birth.

Like all babies crying for food from his Mum,
but free of bad temper, to save he had come;
He’d suffer so we could be pardoned of sin,
and changed in our hearts, godly life to begin.

For now he is living again on his throne,
and all of my troubles and praying are known.
His Spirit can stay by my side every day,
and fit me for heaven and lead in his Way.

Tune: 11 11 11 11 eg tune of ‘Away in a manger’ on which this is partly based.

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