Prayer for our fellow-saints

(Ephesians 1:15–19)
Thank God for saints redeemed, – we see
their sense of need, humility;
they do not trust themselves, but must
his clear and reasoned message trust.

So pray we all will know him more,
our holy Friend know more and more:
the Spirit’s wisdom, grace and law
to know him better, and adore.

And thank him for the love that grows,
the sacrificial love that flows
among God’s people; – thank, and pray
they’ll know him better day by day.

God’s Word enlightens, and will stir
my conscience; – I must not defer
obedience: let his scripture fill
my heart with knowledge of his will.

And so I’ll better understand
the glorious future God has planned,
the riches now in Christ I own,
the power as yet I’ve hardly known.

Tune: LMD eg Guidance by W B Bradbury

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