Encourage each other

Romans 12:10; Philippians 2:3,4; Hebrews 10:23–25
Let us consider, and to this give thought:
all Christians need our interest and support,
and we, ourselves, need help, refreshment brought
from brothers in the LORD.

Cheer them up, lift them up, love them, let it show;
cheer them up, lift them up, tell them, let them know
you need their love and contribution, so
spur one another on.

Easy to criticize, and dampen zeal,
coldly discourage others; when you feel
thanks, praise, declare it, never joy conceal
from brothers in the LORD.

Scolding debilitates, be quick to cheer,
pointing to mercy, grace that’s always near,
Christ will provide, and we need never fear,
but serve and please the LORD.

So we’ll be strengthened to endure and fight,
joyful in telling of the truth and Light,
encouraged in his Word and Spirit’s might,
by brothers in the LORD.
Tune: O What a Saviour (Irregular) by James McGranahan (482 CH)

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