The Fear of God

Have I the fear of God,
that humble, rev’rent awe
for One with grace and rod
who judges by his law –?
That One who reigns in majesty,
and who created you and me
to love and serve him constantly.

To worship do I come
with thoughts on things of earth?
Or with regard for One
whose will alone has worth?
That One…

And is my chief desire
to serve him as I ought?
with love and zeal like fire
and by his scripture taught?
That One…

I dare not come to pray
without my sins forgiven,
but Christ has made the way
of access to his heaven.
The LORD detests unrighteousness,
but he supplies a glorious dress,
and by the blood of Christ can bless.

That justifying grace
irrev’rence cannot find;
with God there is no place
for proud and worldly mind.
That One…
Tune: 6666 888 Rhosymedre

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