God’s Saving Love

Amazing, awesome, wonderful
is God’s unspotted love.
Its span we cannot fathom,
its greatness far above
mere human understanding –
a love that’s not concealed,
for he has demonstrated
his love intense, revealed.

Amazing, awesome, wonderful –
the love that God has shown.
He showed his love by sending
his one and only Son;
and to our world he sent him, –
a world at enmity,
so hostile to its Maker,
and love and purity.

And we should love each other,
and show our love, reveal
in word and deed unselfish,
the love the ransomed feel.
Love brethren, – saints imperfect, –
though in this hostile world,
upon those who are loving,
scorn, insults may be hurled.

True love can reach an enemy,
can touch a heart like stone,
can melt its opposition,
for few such love have known.
A rebel’s heart may soften
to listen to God’s Word
when shown concern and kindness
by him from whom its heard.

Amazing, awesome, wonderful –
the love that we should show
if God lives in us, loving,
and Jesus Christ we know,
reborn and recreated to
righteousness and love,
by loving people showing
we love our God above.

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