Let truth enter in

Prepared to believe in men’s lies, futile thought,
instead of believing the truth God has taught,
with thinking affected and coloured by sin:
Don’t follow the masses – let truth enter in.

For most do not live in the light of God’s Word,
and can’t understand when true wisdom is heard;
their reasoning’s darkened, things spiritual seem
perplexing, and nonsense, a joke or a dream.

They never have tasted the life of the Lord.
Have you been enlightened, your vision restored?
Those negligently sliding away from Life’s source,
will find so-called pleasures soon leave them far worse.

Don’t lose sensitivity, hearts that take care
to listen and ponder God’s words that you hear;
if hardened, his words you don’t care to recall,
you won’t enjoy peace in your floundering soul.

The deeper one swims into selfishness, sin,
the beckoning vision, of pardon, grows dim;
so turn from the wastage of lust, foolish pride,
and draw near to Christ, know content at his side.

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