Feverish souls

Revelation 3:3  Luke 4:38,39
Spirit’s ills are easily caught –
gloom spreads quickly around:
feeding neglected and minds untaught;
feverish souls abound.
Spirits revived and restored to health,
strength and health, inward wealth;
sprits revived and restored to health;
Jesus they serve with joy.

Tossing, reckless, minds cannot stay
calm for reading and prayer, –
flicking through pages – thoughts far away:
anxious and full of care.

Patience low, and zeal up and down;
trivial remedies given. –
What brought it on – are there ‘germs’ around?
Yes, ’til we get to heaven.

Sin surrounds us, filth everywhere
can infect everyone.
Turn to the Saviour in humble prayer; –
ask Jesus Christ to come.

Strength is sapped, and beauty is marred,
hope becomes rather dim.
Jesus can help when the way seems hard.
– Put all your trust in him.
Tune: Burdens are lifted at Calvary

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