When he came to his senses …

Luke 15:11-32
Rejecting the love, he wanted to be
as free as his dreams: demanded, ‘Give me … ’;
then far, far away, he squandered, and lost –
all wasted, and tasted hunger and thirst;
was cheated, defeated, grubby, unclean,
illusions were broken, deceived by a dream.
He came to his senses, remembered his home,
and got up, returned (for the thing must be done),
confessing his shame, he asked for some grace.
How pleased was the Father: warm welcome, embrace;
the deadly experience of misery and gloom,
eclipsed then by joy inexpressible known.

But someone was jealous: he thought he had earned
far more than the one who’d deserted, love scorned.

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