Heaven prepared

Soon there’ll be days of glory
Where there will be no pain;
there poverty, injustice
will not be known again.
Jesus prepares this heaven,
and he will take you there,
if you have been forgiven,
this glorious hope to share.

Soon there’ll be days of glory,
no-one will ever fight;
joyful,complete submission
to him who rules aright.
Jesus prepares
. . .

Soon there’ll be days of glory;
I do not have a claim
of innocence, so, trembling
I pray in Jesu’s name.
No-one deserves this heaven
nor entry-rights possess;
but we can be forgiven, –
in grace this God can bless.

Jesus came here form heaven
to take the punishment
instead of guilty sinners
who truthfully repent.
Receive this great salvation,
receive this pardon free,
the purchased full redemption,
for all eternity.

Soon there’ll be days of glory,
but when the Judge holds court,
to heaven there’s no admission
without a pardon bought.
Jesus prepares this
heaven . . .

Tune: 76 76 76 76

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