some Christmas Songs

The Incarnation
The angels look on in great wonder,
God’s people are filled with great awe,
for all that exists had its being
from him whom the wise men adore!
Amazed! amazed!
through faith understand, be amazed!
and marvel, with wonder:
let Jesus for ever be praised!

The Ruler of all, in the manger;
and soon he’d be hated, instead
of glory and worship and honour,
with nowhere to lay down his head.

God’s wisdom and gracious atonement,
his covenant made with his Son,
the great condescension of Jesus
in taking on weak human form.

He humbled himself as a servant
and suffered, obedient to death,
the death on the cross as an offering
that we might receive the new birth.
Tune: 98 98 + ‘Redeemed” by W J Kirkpatrick

The Wise men
Gold, and frankincense, and myrrh:
gifts so costly, rich and rare:
kingly honour,
infant Saviour,
– Jesus our sins would bear.

See the Gentiles travelling far,
wise men shown the signal star,
birth announcement,
God’s pronouncement:
royal Son, Hallellujah!

Frankincense, and myrrh, and gold:
myrrh and incense can be sold:
flight’s provision,
child’s protection:
hindering hatred cold.

See the Gentiles find, with joy,
promised King, the Bethlehem boy, –
worshipped; then they
went a new way:
Herod now they must avoid.

Frankincense like priestly prayer,
myrrh foretells the pain he’ll bear,
gold for crowning
most renowned King:
glorious the crown he’ll wear.

Come, approach the King of kings,
and accept the gifts he brings:
grace, forgiveness,
purchased for us:
he was punished for our sins.

Tune: of ‘We three kings of orient are’

Come, consider
At Christmas consider the gospel of wonder,
with praises remember Christ’s birth;
God’s Spirit gave Mary a Child who was holy:
the Lord came from glory to earth.
And born to be Saviour, the righteous Redeemer,
he knew he must suffer for sin.
Christ came from all glory, bore hatred so meekly,
that we might find mercy in him.
In Christ are you trusting, his love are you tasting,
his loveliness seeking to show?
There may be for many good presents in plenty,
but peace offered freely few know.

We should be astonished, redemption accomplished
for man who’d been banished by God.
In glory Christ living, redemption applying,
his Spirit is wielding his sword.
This One born a baby, each saved one makes holy,
forgiving them fully their sin.
By grace they’re repenting, in righteousness growing,
and soon they’ll be reigning with him.
At Christmas consider, Christ’s coming remember,
the Father’s free offer receive.
His marvellous mercy will make you so happy,
repent and, quite humbly, believe.
Tune: Olwen 12.8 12.8 T

We Remember
We remember helpless baby:
growing perfect child will be,
teacher of God’s truth so wise:
Source of all the earth and skies.

Why? oh, why, what have we done
to need the advent of God’s Son?

We remember midnight’s message
to the shepherds, Herod’s rage.
Jesus later was so kind,
healed the sick, the deaf, the blind.

Why? oh, why, what have we done
to need the advent of God’s Son?

We remember Mary’s sorrow,
watching Jesus suffering so:
crucifixion for our pardon,
giving life through resurrection.

Saviour born to heal the rift,
now friends of God? the Christmas Gift!

Tune by D Weber for A level music

Luke 1
A birth by miracle – a son,
God forms within the mother
before her marriage union, one
who’s human and a Saviour.

For God exists, and truly can
do what would seem impossible,
and no denial by mere man
can prove it is incredible.

Exclusive claim, unique, not my
opinion or invented tale.
Will you ignore it, or rely?
– his help will never, ever fail.

It’s indescribable, we’re speechless,
for why such truth and kindness?
A real solution (for the helpless),
to death, and guilt, and sadness.
See! See! the Son has come,
the only perfect Saving One.
Sing! Sing! the joy he’ll bring
to all who find our Jesus.

87 87 if with refrain Greensleeves

Christmas Day
On the 25th December,
are you going to remember
God sent Jesus Christ as Saviour
What a wonderful gift!

Boys and girls of every nation,
can receive His great salvation,
so the most important question –
have you got this great gift?
Tune of ‘Jesus’ love is very wonderful’ (first two words of last line fit to ‘O’ of that song’s last line)

Baby Born One Day
Baby born one day:
Lamb of God, salvation’s Way:
Son of God, whose words we should obey.

Spirit holy, formed Christ’s body,
so prepared the Sacrifice.

Growing human child:
guiltless, spotless, undefiled:
enemies would soon be reconciled.

Angels singing, message bringing:
gracious Word for all mankind.

Jesus Christ now King.
We, his gospel word must bring:
Come, be contrite, he can pardon sin.
Tune of ‘Tua Bethlem dref’

Pivot-point of History
Time’s pivot-point, long prophesied:
the Lord supplied a Saviour.
True Light now came to darkened earth,
as Jesu’s birth brought favour:
a reconciling, holy God
would bring his rod of judgement
upon the Ransom, willing Son –
eternal One, sufficient.
The innocent suffered, the Lamb was afflicted,
our punishment meted upon the belovèd.
The mercy procured is offered.
The star of his coming: a King would be reigning;
soon darkness revealing what Christ was enduring,
that we might find cleansing and healing.

Promised Saviour
Who could know that Babe was he,
promised suff’ring One to be?
He’s the Lord! O wondrous story!
He’s the Lord, the King of glory!
For his mercy we can call,
Christ, the Saviour, Lord of all.

Those who sought the truth to know
found that God in grace would show
Christ, the Lord – …

Who is this, so cruelly nailed,
on the wooden cross impaled?
He’s the Lord! …

Who is this despised and mocked,
(sun was darkened, earth was rocked)
He’s the Lord …

Risen Saviour, seen again,
substitute for sinful men,
Christ, the Lord …

Who is this? The Judge arrives.
Who’ve been saved from wicked lives?
in the Lord …

tune: Who is he? by B R Hanby

Even me
Jesus, Jesus, I’m not worthy
of your kindness or your pity,
yet you left your realm of glory,
all for me.

Jesus, Jesus, grace amazing, –
quietly in mercy coming; –
humble lifestyle, awful suffering,
all for me.

Jesus, praise and thank you, Saviour,
for your way of gracious favour,
welcoming a ‘sorry’ sinner, –
even me.
Tune: 888 3 Ascendune by Hugh Blair (tune of ‘Seek ye first)

Worship and Receive
‘Do not worship me, an angel:
worship God alone.’
But the baby Christ was rightly
worship, honour shown.

Second person of the Godhead,
God unchanged, now man; –
from him, Mary had her being:
through him, all began.

Equal with the Father, Spirit,
willingly he takes
human form, is nursed and cared for;
– glory, power forsakes.

Mary’s Saviour and Creator:
– Mary hears, believes;
and each one who owns and trusts him,
Life from God receives.

Immanuel, God with us (Isaiah 7:14)
Though Ahaz asked no sign,
God indicates his mind,
and covenant secure, sublime,
– his favour to mankind.

The promised One would come
through Judah’s line to save;
so God would not forsake his own:
‘A virgin shall conceive’.

For God could only thus
become a man, but one
all perfect, unlike each of us
who sinful things have done.

Emmanuel had come,
for God took human form
to fight for us the evil one,
and bear God’s wrath, men’s scorn.

Eternal God, a babe,
a toddler, then a lad:
he left his comfort, came to save:
adore him, and be glad!
Tune: SM

Mary (Luke 1)
Mary’s puzzled – but, assuring,
hear the angel tell her, ‘Yes –                         vv.29-33
God has plans, great plans maturing:
you, and others, he will bless.’

Mary hears how great this baby –
coming King and Saviour he –                        vv.31-34
yet she is a virgin lady –
how can all this ever be?

God will do it, Holy Spirit
works the miracle, and forms                          vv.35-37
perfect human child: he planned it,
gracious promise he performs.

“I, your servant; You, the Sovereign:
I believe what You declare;                            v.38
though perplexed – Your Word is certain,
and I’m trusting in Your care.”
Tune 87 87 trochaic eg ‘Cross of Jesus’ by J Stainer

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