chapter 1
Israel’s downfall soon is coming, –
Micah weeps and wails.
Judah needs to heed the warning –
false religion fails.

The Lord knows the state of each town, church and place,
whatever their names, or the claims they embrace.

chapter 2
Evil schemes may seem to be succeeding:
soon their judgement will be seen proceeding.

How easily you would accept
a prophet promising prosperity,
believing lies if they attract:
affluence with no accountability!

No denial of Word of God
will change truth; but
one day he, the Lord,
his scattered flock will gather,  bring,
led to safety by their King.

chapter 3
Leaders destroy like wild savage beasts,
and men-pleasing prophets who peddle for profits,
all soon come to darkness, and shame:
no help when they call on God’s name.

Those who should build, bring to ruin.
Micah is filled with the Spirit of the Lord,
with justice and might, to declare righteous Word.

chapter 4 vv.1–5 (c.f.Isaiah ch.2)
But soon there’ll be a day we’ll see
the nations coming, full
of worship, praise, unitedly,
God’s laws beloved by all –
in every land they’ll live in peace,
draw near before his throne,
delight to follow, strife will cease.

While others now still trust amiss,
the Lord we will confess, –
Oh may his day come soon!

It is often the weak who look to the Lord
and acknowledge his Kingship once more.
The Lord will be ruling, his kingdom restored.

Exile before rescue, and much afraid;
hardship, rebukes they could not evade,
but their Lord will redeem them from all of their woes,
and his people will serve him, and crush his foes,
[The conquerors know not the thoughts of the Lord
– their ill-gotten wealth in his lap will be poured];

chapter 5
Though the ruler of Israel will from them be taken,
a King will arise so much greater – from Bethlehem –
eternal, to be perfect King, as none other
could be, or had been – He is Shepherd, and Trainer,
Protector and Strengthener, his flock he will mould,
and they will arise in the nations, be bold
in face of the enemies, and witness his Word.

To them in that day, the Spirit’s truth-sword
exposes false trust, and they live as they should.
But judgement for all those who scorn the true Lord,

chapter 6
Forgetful of redemption,
forgetful of past grace,
forgetful of his judgement:
God wants true righteousness
in all their daily living,
for sacrifice is vain
unless by faith they’re giving
the justice, love, they claim.

chapter 7 vv.1–7
No fruit any more,
just brier and thorn;
perverting the law,
and skilled to do harm
by bribe and bad scheme –
friends aren’t what they seem,
and family affection
no more,
just confusion,
but the day of their watchmen has come
the day that God visits their home.
My Saviour will hear,
and he will appear:
I wait and I watch, in hope that is certain.

God’s people true, chastised, are not deserted.
The enemy will not devour and reign, – soon they’re examined.
God’s people they had taunted.

True Israel in contrition bears the rod,
and waits in hope the tender care of God.
He’ll build his city,  drawing in:
extended kingdom, honouring its King.

Rebellious action
brings desolation.

“O shepherd your people, and let many see
your wonders, and fear you, and come tremblingly;
– your enemies no longer ignoring, resisting,
or hiding,
but powerless and silenced,

Who could ever compare with you?
forgiving the sins of your people true?
delighting in dealing in mercy anew,
as long ago promised, our sins you subdue
and pardon.”

His grace is abundant and true.

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