on Jonah

on chapter 1 & 2
If I’m not honest when I fail,
let down my God, I may
cause some to suffer as I hide:
I should seek God and pray.

For salvation can only come from
the Lord and Saviour, and he commanded
the fish that he provided,
to bring Jonah to dry land.

God takes his chosen time to teach,
through darkness he may lead
in love, that I may hear his voice
and feel my guilt and need.

In quietness, distractions gone,
He shows I’m small and weak,
and what a privilege if he
wants me for him to speak.

If God delivers and forgives,
commissions you once more,
don’t take it easy, or presume,
– his Word do not ignore.
Tune: I know whom I have believed by J McGranahan

on chapters 3 & 4
The Ninevites heard, and God’s message believed.
They humbled themselves, and repented, and grieved.
They called on the Lord God, acknowledged their sin; –
their hope of remission was slender and thin.
Mercy and grace, mercy and grace:
seek God while he still offers mercy and grace.

Those men had discovered their lives soon would end.
They realised their sin,  – that they could not defend
themselves, when before God the Judge they would stand,
receiving their punishment by his command.

And God had compassion: he saw how they turned,
and did not bring on them the judgement they’d earned;
but Jonah was angry, and seemed to forget
he also to mercy and grace was in debt.
Mercy and grace, mercy and grace:
seek God while he still offers mercy and grace.

Tune: 11 11 11 11+ eg Shelter (Hiding in Thee) by Ira D Sankey

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