Jericho and Joshua; Rahab and Achan

Shut up against the LORD’s control, –
see, Jericho’s like a foolish soul
determined to keep right apart
from God’s good influence on the heart.

But Rahab realised God’s decree;
believed, was glad his child to be,
and on that day of great destruction,
and glory, she received salvation!

But Achan richest blessing lost, –
through greed, – and didn’t count the cost
to others; God observed it all –
Achan did not for mercy call.

Beware of incomplete devotion
to God, of his rich gifts, provision:
acknowledge debt, and seek his will,
or they will only bring us ill.

For Achan’s family had scorned
God’s rule, and so his judgement earned.
But Joshua prayed, though much perplexed,
and Israel all were warned and blessed.

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