Make peace, God approaches

2 Peter 3:3–10; Ps73:18–28
For a thousand years are like a day
just passing, to the LORD;
though the wicked seem to prosper, they
will tremble at his sword;
as a dream when one awakes, our God
will soon arise and wield his rod.
He will come establishing his rule.

‘All far from You will perish,
whoever is not true’;
but the LORD delights to lavish
his love, he’ll welcome you
if you make the LORD your refuge now,
and trust in Christ, and humbly bow.
He will come, – be ready for that Day

Men will scoff and say things still go on,
each year it’s much the same.
So men scoffed in days of Noah, long
ago, but judgement came.
By his Word this earth will disappear,
– in fire, – the Day is drawing near;
we will see an earth of righteousness.

In the days before the flood, men were
enjoying life each day.
So the wicked live so free of care,
not bothering to pray;
deride God’s laws, their sin they flaunt,
God’s power and justice scorn, and taunt.
But his purpose won’t be stopped by man.
Tune: ‘2000 Years’ by R.T.Bewes (No.32, Youth Praise)

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