Examples of faith

Hebrews 11 & 12:1-3
A race to run, – don’t falter, faint;
press on, don’t pause, but perservere;
And anything which holds you back,
throw off; be drastic and severe
with all that draws your mind
and makes you lag behind,
or duties, goal forget,
God’s Word and call neglect:
press on, let nothing interfere.

All things must keep their place,
and help us serve, not dominate;
but right throughout our Christian life
temptations come God’s Word to doubt.
Entangling unbelief
brings misery and grief;
so trust and don’t lose heart
for Christ can faith impart.
Satanic lies must be cast out!

What multitudes of witnesses, –
in scripture lives of faith abound.
They suffered setbacks, troubles hard:
through faith endured and victory found.
On Jesus fix your eyes,
receive his grace, and rise
with nourished faith to praise,
serve God with joy always:
look where he is – we’re heavenward bound!
Tune: 8888 66668 but fits ‘Ein’ feste burg’ by Martin Luther

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