Lazarus’ death

(John 11:1-44)
Why did the Lord awhile delay?
Why did he words perplexing say?
– ‘ in death this sickness will not end’?
– when soon death came to his dear friend?

Though dangerous for Christ to go,
it was not fear that made him slow.
He paused that glory may be shown,
his resurrection power made known.

His love was real in venturing there,
and seen in tears – they saw him share
their grief and love (did not expect
that Lazarus, then he’d resurrect).

They thought, if he had been there when
the fatal illness struck, Christ then
would have prevented death. (‘Too late, –
we’ll for the Day of rising wait.’)

But Lazarus rose, though later died –
to live for ever, and abide
in full and final resurrection
with Christ, – eternal, rich salvation.

And so, we know when God does not
appear to do the things we want,
it is not that he does not care,
or know; – his love will soon appear.

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