Philippians 4:6,7

Catch a rising fear,
– they suddenly appear,
– transform them into prayer to pray.
Fiery darts come flying,
don’t give way to fretting, –
pick those darts up right away.

Don’t let them lie there
spreading their pollution, –
search out each one, –
and change them into
cries of supplication
before God’s throne. – So

don’t just turn them over,
take them to the Saviour,
turn your worries into prayer.
Thinking through things merely,
cannot help completely –
leaves you still with fears to bear.

Don’t let your heart be anxious,
do not worry,
make your request
well-known to God, your
burden let him carry –
you will be blessed. – God’s

peace will guard and bless
your heart and mind in stress –
amazing peace for those who pray.
The prayers of all the righteous
are truly efficacious,
and keep their hearts in peace each day, –
and keep our hearts in peace each day.

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