‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them’

Some fear to teach a child to pray.
Some tell them words to bow and say.
But I would rather always try
to show them ‘how’ to pray, and ‘why’.

The ‘how’’s the same in age and youth:
I must explain the gospel truth
in phrases simple, faithful, clear –
not hindering them in drawing near.

And help them understand that all
who truly come to God, to call
and thank, will have those lives which show
they love this One they claim to know.

They’ll know if from the heart they pray,
and want to please God, and obey;
for though still sinful, muddled, young, –
has Life eternal, new, begun?

If so, they’ll long to know him more, –
but please remember that their store
of knowledge still is very small, –
they need your help to learn it all.

They still have sinful thoughts to fight,
need help to learn God’s will, what’s right,
accept rebukes, keep in the Way
where Christ is with them, and they pray.

I wont insist they pray, or press
that Jesus Christ they must confess;
but urge, invite, – for so I may
stir up a strong desire to pray!

So may they think and test their state,
and really pray, not shrug, and wait
uncaring whether they have come
to know this God and his dear Son.

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