2 Peter 3:3-13 and Luke 18:8

The world will scoff, deny, forget
– they do not want to know
that to their Maker they’re in debt,
and praise, submission, owe.
Every eye will one day see him,
Jesus returning, majestic, reigning:
how many will be waiting
with faith, upon the earth?

Remember, though, how soon is meant
(God’s time’s not to our scale);
– he waits, that many may repent:
his coming will not fail.
Until every eye will see him,
Christ Jesus coming, in power returning,
I’ll trust, and while I’m waiting
urge faith upon the earth.

When he is ready, he will come:
the world will not expect
the awesome, judging, holy One
whom most now scorn, reject.
We look forward to his coming,
the old earth melting, the new appearing,
in him, keep persevering
in holy, godly faith.

(Tune: of ‘I know not how God’s wondrous grace’)

Jesus speaks of coming days

Mark 13
As Jesus left the earthly temple,
scene of barenness and greed,
so he spoke of its destruction,
for its symbols were to lead
to the perfect Sacrifice,
to the Christ who would suffice.

Times of turmoil, trouble always
from the curse ’til time will end;
day of grace brings persecution,
but his gospel God will send;
and the Day he’s indicated,
will come surely as appointed.

Watch out, – not deceived by folly
things false teachers slyly say.
Watch out for his help in trouble,
watch out for his coming Day.
Not deflected, not unready,
vigilant, alert, and steady.

Living between the 2 appearings

on Titus 2:11-14

With one eye looking back to when
the grace of God appeared,
and one eye looking on to where
all history is steered,
we navigate our path through ‘now’,
while treasured, guided here below.

He came, and gave himself for us,
redeemed us from our sin,
and slavery to wickedness,
to purify within:
we will turn from ungodliness,
and atheistic foolishness.

And as we wait for his return,
we’re eager to do good;
enticing, passing passions spurn,
set store on things of God;
preparing for his presence soon,
our loving and beloved Bridegroom

‘Ascension Day’

Acts 1:1-11
Arising up and out of sight,
a cloud obscured,
angels assured
he will return as he has gone,
so go and tell and make him known,
his lordship many more will own:

for forty days he’d been supplying
abundantly full confirmation
of his astounding resurrection:
they now must wait his new empowering.

The light shines in the darkness …

The darkness could not quench the light,
which brightly shone and pierced the night;
though Herod tried, and those who hate,
who wanted to eradicate
the inconvenient light disclosing
truth and right, and wrong exposing;
and Satan many times has tried
to snuff the light out, truth to hide,
so evil, misery could reign,
and God’s escape-route lie unseen.

The gospel light was not extinguished,
evil’s attacks will soon be finished.

The History of the Universe

A skill above the mind of man
designing genes, supernal plan:
he came, becoming touchable,
removing guilt immovable.

But now, we see much bad still mixed
among the good – its end is fixed:
no saga-crisis fictional,
but certain future rational.

Not then a baby known by few –
acknowledged Sovereign in full view,
receiving all the honour due.

Great Expectations

Mark 13
Great expectations: hope wonderful, sure.
Jesus returning, great joy evermore.
Before his departure, he’d told them and warned,
of judgement, for he’d been rejected and scorned,
Their temple would then be destroyed, for fulfilled
its cermonies, symbols – true Sacrifice killed.
This gospel would spread first to nations afar,
so they could receive his salvation before
his judgement extends throughout all the earth,
removing all evil, and sickness, and death.
Reminded by earthquakes, and wars, that life’s short,
– yet few would prepare, though the way had been taught:

King Christ comes in glory, he gathers up all
his people, while galaxies shake, their stars fall.

As he draws near …

1 Cor.15:50-53; 1 Thess. 4:14-17; Lk 21:28; Rev.6:15-17; 11:15-18
We do not know the hour
when Jesus will return,
but he will come with power –
this universe will burn.
Lift up your heads
as he draws near:
rejoice, though stubborn sinners fear.

His children will be raised,
or meet him in the air –
then quickly they’ll be changed,
his glorious home to share.     Lift up your heads …

The final trumpet sounds, –
we’re waiting eagerly;
and praise in heaven resounds, –
Christ comes triumphantly.     Lift up your heads …

The kingdom of the world
has now become his own –
the kingdom of our Lord,
and of his worthy Son.
Our hope’s not vain, –
Christ comes again, –
and unopposed he’ll ever reign.

We give you thanks, O Lord,
for judgement good, complete,
and gracious, sure reward
to saints, both small and great.      Our hope’s not vain …

Tune: 66 66 88 Gopsal (Rejoice, the Lord is King)