God’s Word teaches perfectly

Ps.19:10; 119:72, 103, 131 Heb.4:12 Is.55:11
Word to appreciate, – better than honey,
truth more sustaining than richest of food,
sweeter than sleep, or abundance of money,
casket of treasures, all holy and good.

Word to appropriate, – carefully listen
listen to truth and its message receive:
meditate, think, and be willing for action:
famine for all who refuse to believe.

Sword of the Sovereign to bring us conviction,
– he who has ears let him hear and embrace
Word that empowers to obey its instruction,
Word to apply to our lives by God’s grace.
Tune: 11 10 11 10 dactylic Epiphany Hymn by J F Thrupp

Reliable words!

God of truth,  he cannot lie; –
on his Words we can rely, –
necessary, full supply:
Bible, perfect truth.

Satan, father of all lies –
cunning, crafty, clever, tries
by deceit men’s hearts to seize
from God’s words of truth.

Every day we talk a lot.
So much we can speak about!
God considers, – never doubt!
Purify your speech!

Do not gossip, slander, bear
witness false, but speak with care
what is right and true; don’t share
idle words unkind.

Men don’t always want to hear
truth; for truth will interfere
with their lies, but have no fear
truth will be made known.

For my failings I repent,
trust in Christ, with discontent
at my past, pray grace be sent
to help me purge my sin.

Building Philosophical houses of cards

In days of yore they trimmed their wood,
creating idols that looked good,
but nowadays we realise
a lifeless doll no help supplies.
Instead we sift ideas, build
a house on sand, with bubbles filled,
which cannot last, or satisfy
not now, nor soon, nor when we die.

An edifice may stand awhile,
but soon will be a rocky pile,
if not on lasting pillars founded:
false notions disappoint, confounded.

The truth that claims it will not fail,
must not give transient appeal;
and never crumble, bear all stress,
worthy of trust, not just a guess.

For human words are all so fallible,
but words from God are wholly credible.

But some are angry, and can’t see
why if he’s God, he won’t decree
at once the things they feel he should,
that seem to them so very good;
they do not feel that he can be
a help to those in agony,
nor see the need for this delay
before all evil’s swept away,
and we all meet him on his day.

Their choosing to believe, or not,
won’t change the facts if true, a jot
Will they just toss it in the waste,
without investigative taste?

Let truth enter in

Prepared to believe in men’s lies, futile thought,
instead of believing the truth God has taught,
with thinking affected and coloured by sin:
Don’t follow the masses – let truth enter in.

For most do not live in the light of God’s Word,
and can’t understand when true wisdom is heard;
their reasoning’s darkened, things spiritual seem
perplexing, and nonsense, a joke or a dream.

They never have tasted the life of the Lord.
Have you been enlightened, your vision restored?
Those negligently sliding away from Life’s source,
will find so-called pleasures soon leave them far worse.

Don’t lose sensitivity, hearts that take care
to listen and ponder God’s words that you hear;
if hardened, his words you don’t care to recall,
you won’t enjoy peace in your floundering soul.

The deeper one swims into selfishness, sin,
the beckoning vision, of pardon, grows dim;
so turn from the wastage of lust, foolish pride,
and draw near to Christ, know content at his side.

Corrupting ‘additions’

Satan’s crafty, sly and slick,
and distracts with many a trick
from God’s Word and into lie,
– novel rituals he’ll supply,
or revive the old or ancient,
– anything to supplement
and soon smother revelation,
truth of God for every nation:

so be ready, and aware
of the things that can ensnare.

Do we cherish some tradition
inessential as condition
for true fellowship, or even
introduce lies, toxic leaven?

Communicate God’s Word alone
to whoever has not known.

Church in danger

Revelation 3: 14-22
Hungry for the wielded sword,
relevant, rebuking Word,
boldly, lovingly applied,
nurturing each needy child.

Are we rich, or wretched, blind?
Preacher, say what’s on your mind:
be specific, make us search
each ourselves, – and as a church.

Searching hearts and thoughts, God’s Word
we must search, and seek our Lord –
buying gold, and salve to see,
growing, changing willingly.

Don’t pretend; we cannot bear
false assessment, hollow prayer.
Minor ailments left alone,
will soon lethally have grown.

You are free to disagree,
if you argue biblically;
but our church must move ahead, –
grow in grace, or soon lie dead.

Watch out!

Proverbs 1:10; 4:6; 6:2,5,20,23
Hide in your heart, and treasure
the words of God, your Saviour.
Kept at your fingertips, in thought:
fore-warned, fore-armed, well-taught.

Risky to wander near,
to mischief giving ear,
vulnerable, suddenly
falling so foolishly.

Few fully realise
deceptive evil’s guise:
slipping, yielding, caught to stay:
turn, quickly rush away!

Why? What? & How? learn from OT Kings etc.

David, Solomon, Elijah,
needed (just like us) God’s Word.
How did they respond to Scripture,
and apply the truth they heard?

Do I want to be more holy?
and escape from worldly lust?
Do I pray in faith to fully
follow God? – his way is best.

Fellowship with him, attentive,
learning from his precious Word:
Scripture study gives incentive
to obey, serve Christ, our Lord.