Real prayer ?

So is it to yourself you pray,
or words up to the ceiling say?
do you just bow towards the ground,
enacting for your friends around?

True prayer must be to Someone who
you wish to speak, give honour to,
and ask for that which he alone
can give you, and you long to own.

With sense of poverty and need
and real desire to ask and plead
adoption by the heavenly King,
with childlike love and faith in him,

look up to pray, expectantly
and trust him, not reluctantly;
as constant as you breathe, then pray,
turn problems into payer today.

Our Father’s honour, for his praise
more people following his ways,
provisions to live life for him
and help to keep away from sin.

And ask forgiveness, as you will
forgive those who have done you ill;
eternal powerful King, always
be given glory, awesome praise.

(cf the Lord’s Prayer)

Tune: LM eg Old Hundredth (All people that on earth do dwell)
or Samson (Handel) or Church Triumphant (James Elliott) (tuen of ‘I know that my Redeemer lives)

Press On

Nothing better, more important
than to know God more and more,
fellowship, obedience constant
– this is what he’s saved us for;
when discouraged in our seeking
(feel no progress, often stray)
testing sharpens thirst and longing,
spurs us earnestly to pray.

Read, remember Christ’s compassion
showing understanding full,
hears and answers supplication,
ear alert to serious call;
power to help, befriend, give wisdom,
don’t be satisfied with less,
true disciple of the kingdom,
seek him urgently to bless.

Prayer for our fellow-saints

(Ephesians 1:15–19)
Thank God for saints redeemed, – we see
their sense of need, humility;
they do not trust themselves, but must
his clear and reasoned message trust.

So pray we all will know him more,
our holy Friend know more and more:
the Spirit’s wisdom, grace and law
to know him better, and adore.

And thank him for the love that grows,
the sacrificial love that flows
among God’s people; – thank, and pray
they’ll know him better day by day.

God’s Word enlightens, and will stir
my conscience; – I must not defer
obedience: let his scripture fill
my heart with knowledge of his will.

And so I’ll better understand
the glorious future God has planned,
the riches now in Christ I own,
the power as yet I’ve hardly known.

Tune: LMD eg Guidance by W B Bradbury

Access to God

Ephesians 2:18
I stand amazed in the presence
of God: Father, Spirit, Son.
The Spirit brought me through Jesus
right up to the Father’s throne.
How marvellous, how wonderful:
access to a glorious place!
How marvellous, how wonderful:
God triune’s redeeming grace!

When glancing back at the quicksand
and bondage I knew before,
I realise how much the Father
had planned, and the Saviour bore.

And this the place of pure blessing,
and fellowship rich and love.
Oh, help me stay here communing,
– a foretaste of heaven above!
Tune: 87 87 87 87 irr My Saviour’s love by Charles H Gabriel
(tune of ‘I stand amazed in the presence
of Jesus the Nazarene’)

It’s time to pray!

(cf 2 Chronicles 20:12)
No prayer without a sense of need,
a sense of weakness makes us plead,
in bafflement we intercede,
and truly pray.

Do you believe he’ll hear and care?
does he delight to answer prayer?
in every problem, anywhere,
be sure to pray.

And has he power and wisdom, skill
his Shepherd purpose to fulfil?
do we desire he’ll work his will,
and have we prayed?

Be sure to turn each need and fear
to Him, they all to him are dear,
and our appeal he wants to hear,
our child-like prayer.

We do not know what he will do,
in ways unseen by me and you,
so look to him to see things through,
but always pray.

Tune: 888 4 eg In Memoriam (‘By Christ redeemed, in Christ restored … Until he come’)

on Ephesians 1:15-23

Pray for each other that we’ll grow
taught by his Spirit, more to know
increased acquaintance with our God,
greater perception of his Word.

Pray, pray for each other,
pray, pray to our Father,
pray, giving thanks for all he’s done,
thanks for each Christian, every one.

Pray that we’ll more the riches see,
glorious hope of what’s to be,
and that he’s sanctifying me
to be his child eternally.

Pray that his power we’ll understand
power to help, fulfil, command,
Head of the church, may we display,
more of our Saviour: this we pray.
Tune: More about Jesus LM+

David learns, and perseveres

King David, choice of God for ruling,
his people leading many years;
composer, singing psalms appealing,
revealing faith he’d learnt in tears.

Whatever causes of his turmoil:
his sin, his troubles, scheming Saul:
however low, he’d still in prayer toil,
and on the Lord of promise call.

For laying hold of all God’s promised, –
see: that’s how David struggled up, –
a way of grace his God had furnished, –
the Lord himself would drink the cup.

And all his failings he acknowledged;
for his repentance was sincere.
He trusted, pleaded: God provided
assurance, peace, removed his fear.

Praying in need

Luke 11:9-13
Whatever the trouble, whatever is wrong,
remember to pray, and it may seem quite long
before you receive the expected supply,
but be quite specific, explain to him why
you’re troubled, and needy, unhappy, perplexed,
and say in what way you desire to be blessed.

It may be that someone accuses of sin; –
the Lord knows the truth, bring the matter to him;
be willing, desire to be shown if it’s true;
he’ll give us forbearance, and sanctify too.
We all need that God will interpret his Word –
apply to our lives and our hearts what we’ve heard.

Praying like Paul

Ephesians 3:16–19
Strengthen with power infinite;
grace may your Spirit pour;
strengthen us in our inmost souls,
tasting your riches more.
Father, our gracious God, I bow
humbly, in faith, I ask you now,
grace and reviving may we know.

Christ then will dwell within our hearts –
not just a short-term guest.
Welcomed by faith, his word obeyed,
– richly we will be blessed.

Rooted, established in his love;
may he give all his own
power to perceive how vast Christ’s love, –
depth of the love he’s shown.

Love that surpasses knowledge, – can’t
fully be understood
by anyone; I pray he will
fill you with all things good.

Tune: 86 86 888 Supremacy by N Tomblin [tune of ‘Thou art the Everlasting Word”]