Heaven prepared

Soon there’ll be days of glory
Where there will be no pain;
there poverty, injustice
will not be known again.
Jesus prepares this heaven,
and he will take you there,
if you have been forgiven,
this glorious hope to share.

Soon there’ll be days of glory,
no-one will ever fight;
joyful,complete submission
to him who rules aright.
Jesus prepares
. . .

Soon there’ll be days of glory;
I do not have a claim
of innocence, so, trembling
I pray in Jesu’s name.
No-one deserves this heaven
nor entry-rights possess;
but we can be forgiven, –
in grace this God can bless.

Jesus came here form heaven
to take the punishment
instead of guilty sinners
who truthfully repent.
Receive this great salvation,
receive this pardon free,
the purchased full redemption,
for all eternity.

Soon there’ll be days of glory,
but when the Judge holds court,
to heaven there’s no admission
without a pardon bought.
Jesus prepares this
heaven . . .

Tune: 76 76 76 76

Facing death

Facing death with disappointment,
and fear;
angry, bitter, –
expectations, prospects dashed,
hopes disappear.

Facing death with expectations
– soon afflictions all will cease,
then will come eternal glory –
now contentment, faith and peace

To die, to live

Philippians 1:21
Paul said, ‘For me to die is gain’.
He’d often known upholding grace
when facing death, and troubles, pain;
and longed to see Christ face to face.

‘To live is gain’, – in fellowship,
to bring him glory, serve each day,
that people may be saved, built up,
God’s children helped upon the Way.

Paul wanted them to live this way, –
Philippians, Christians everywhere –
to serve our Master day by day,
until we go to Jesus there.

The Sting of Death

O death, where is your sting?
Your victory, O grave?
The sting of death is sin
against the law God gave.

Grace! grace! grace!
We glory in grace!
Saved by the Sovereign!
We glory in grace!

Has anyone obeyed
God’s law in every part?
In all we see displayed
corruption of the heart.

But Christ the law fulfilled,
his righteousness complete,
his people’s fears he stilled,
death’s power knew full defeat.

For, he the sinless One,
for sins of others died;
God’s wrath fell on his Son, –
their victory supplied.

And those who trust in him,
are clothed in righteousness;
so death has lost its sting,
it leads to blesssedness.

O death where is your sting?
Your victory, O grave?
Our praises we will bring –
from sin the Lord can save.
Tune: 66 66 + refrain e.g. Mine

The rich man and …

Luke 16:19–31
What is the hope of atheists?
– hoping that death’s the end;
– nebulous views of humanists
I cannot comprehend.
God has appointed all to die,
– no-one the summons can defy;
– then they will realise, not deny
Jesus has told the truth.

Jesus declared God’s wrath and grace –
note all he had to tell –
taught them of heav’n, that glorious place,
warned of eternal hell.

Laz’rus had suff’ring while on earth, –
awful to live like this;
but he had found God’s grace, new birth,
– so after death came bliss.

He who was rich had with great zeal
looked after self each day;
yet he neglected needs so real –
need to be kind and pray.

Christ has himself returned from death,
– many will still not heed,
will not give thought beyond this earth,
though we may warn and plead.
Tune: CM eg ‘Lead me to Calvary’ by W J Kirkpatrick

and for children

Heaven is full of love and happiness,
nothing evil, and no sinfulness.
Trust in Jesus, then he’ll welcome us:
heaven – wonderful home !

Jesus lives there – if you trust in him
now, you’ll pray, and try to live like him,
glad one day to go to be with him –
heaven – wonderful home !
[Tune of ‘Jesus’ love is very wonderful’]