Praise, peace, palms and hatred

As prophesied, the peaceful King
into Jerusalem rides in
upon a colt, untrained and humble
but some are jealous, angry, grumble:
they ask He stop the praise and cheer,
but Jesus says, ‘If so, you’d hear
the very stones cry out in praise’ –
a rock-band truly to amaze!

Some wanted him to conquer now,
but didn’t understand just how
there then would be no time to turn
from heedlessness to hear, return;
for all had need to come to Him
leave lives of selfish greed and sin,
and so He now was calling all –
repent, ask grace, for mercy call.

But others hated, could not bear
His honest godliness, nor care
to teach God’s way to all the poor,
their own advance wished to procure
pretending to serve God, they laid
such heavy burdens that dismayed
the honest folk who wanted grace,
but Jesus showed God’s gracious face..

Luke: 19:28-40; John 12:12-15
Tune: LMD

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