In the ‘About’ page I have tried to explain how I have come to write a lot of verse encapsulating what I have been helped to understand from scripture. I will attempt to arrange some of these thematically, and gradually add them in to this site. You will be able to browse them from the relevant buttons opposite.

Who am I?
My name is Rhiannon Weber. I grew up mostly in Wales, though I became a Christian while we were exiled in Middlesex.

My husband, Keith, and I came to live in Leominster in 2005 after living all our married life until then in Hampshire and Sussex. We have 4 children (ages 26-43), and 5 grandchildren.

In Sussex we were part of Cuckfield Baptist Church, and here we are members of Wellington Chapel, 6 miles south of our home, though with strong association and support to Leominster Baptist Church.

The only book I have had published is “Signposts from Proverbs” (Banner of Truth) for children and parents, and Keith has recently had “The Lord of the Sabbath” published by DayOne publications.

Leominster is in a lovely area and well placed for exploring northwards (eg Shropshire hills), southwards (eg Wye Valley, Black Mountains), and of course, westwards, and we love getting out for beautiful and peaceful circular walks.

We are now in a position to run off groups of hymns, songs, verse notes, as booklets if requested.

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