When I am afraid …

Sometimes you see I am afraid
because of things in stories said,
remembering silly things I’ve read:
And then Mum says, ‘Well, have you prayed?’

Sometimes I’m stupidly afraid,
but even then I’m glad I prayed.

Sometimes I know my frights aren’t real,
but still I panic, fear feel,
aware that troubles truly come,
real perils lurk for everyone.

The only answer I can see
is if I fear what cannot be,
and if I fear some dangers real –
to Jesus I must make appeal:

He can protect from everything,
He can protect in everything,
He’ll cheer me up and safely take
me through all dangers real or fake.

He understands my frightened mind,
and I will always feel and find
he’s at my side and in my heart
protecting – peace he can impart.

Tune: 88 88 88 eg ‘Sussex Carol’ (tune of ‘On Christmas night all Christians Sing’

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