Harvest hymn

Fresh green of spring, when blossoms spread,
and bees passed round the pollen shed;
fruit set and swelled – corn, apples, berries,
and currants, beans, pears, damsons, cherries;
sustaining food is also found
at end of summer underground –
potato crops, and carrots, swede,
all help provide for winter’s need.

However good our gardening skill,
and diligence in work, we still
depend on sunshine and on rain
– we can’t the weather’s course ordain.
When harvested, the bounty stored,
we should give thanks with voice outpoured,
and live for him the life he gives,
share as we can, unselfish lives.

We may be glad when others share
if we have lack, and they’ve to spare
– such times remind to wait and pray,
this life is brief, the coming Day
is vast, prepare with contrite heart,
receive the Life Christ can impart,
though much supplied, this world can’t last
and soon the struggles will be past.

Tune:  DLM ‘Ye banks and braes’

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