On Psalm 74

Oh, do we feel anguish, and agony, shame,
when evil is thriving, and scorn of God’s name,
his church weak and suffering, the gospel ignored,
and few seem to value rich truth of his Word?

We seek you, Oh Lord, in perplexity cry,
desiring your glory, we plead, asking ‘Why?’
We think of your cross, of your plan, and the past
revivals – how long must this mockery last?

Oh, God of the covenant, come to our aid
– your honour uplifted, your mercy displayed,
your kingdom extended; come, evil confound,
and humble us, shatter the lies that abound.

Tune: 11 11 11 11 eg St Luke or Montgomery (tune of ‘How firm a foundation’) of even Houghton can be used.

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