The Spirit’s Work

The filling of the Holy Spirit – the Word of God and the inner witness of the Spirit
Spirit of Christ, who opens up
God’s Word, to teach the Way;
and whispers I’m my Father’s child,
constraining me to pray.

Spirit of God, you teach of love,
and kindle it within.
We love to live by Christ’s commands,
though prone to fall to sin.

Oh, Holy Spirit, you have set
apart for godliness.
I hate corruption, long for God,
and greater holiness!

Your Word shows how we’re reconciled;
you bring us peace and joy;
– exalting Christ; – enabling those
whom you would now employ.

Help me to see when sin, neglect,
makes you withdraw and grieve.
I’ll search your Word, and test my heart,
confess, repent, believe.

O do not let me be deceived!
Come, Spirit, to infill,
and influence more fully all
my thoughts, and acts, and will!
Tune: Richmond by T Haweis (tune of ‘Fill Thou my life’)

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