Herod and John the Baptist

Mark 6:17-28
Herod, full of greed, immoral,
selfish, careless of his need,
no concern for things immortal,
gave to laws divine no heed;
but when John came, speaking boldly, –
words to warn, convict, obey, –
though he realised John was holy,
he did not repent and pray.

But the woman was embittered,
didn’t want to change her life,
or from sin to be unfettered, –
strong the influence of a wife!
Herod knew that John was righteous,
though he had him put in jail; –
kept from killing John by conscience, –
sin remained: resolve would fail.

Feasting, crowds can dull the conscience,
and provoke impulsive vows;
lustful passions smother prudence,
pride hates loss of face, allows
unjust deed of execution; –
evil friends unhelpful prove. –
Flee perverting conversation; –
find salvation, grace and love.

Tune: 87 87 D

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