2 Corinthians 4:6

In darkness, light was born,
created, shining out
from where before there had been none:
he spoke, and who dare doubt.

The law shines in to show
what we are like within,
but cannot change the things we do,
and pardon us our sin.

But gospel grace transforms
our darkness into light,
we’re counted just in Christ, now sons
who in his words delight.

And those who say they trust
they’ve kept the law right well,
should think again, – though it is just,
they’ve not obeyed it all.

But once in Christ we can
bear fellowship with God,
his glory does not frighten, burn:
we love to know our Lord.

Full access now, and free,
that never is denied,
for we have Christ, the password, key,
– in him all is supplied.

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