How far would you go to help a friend?

How far would you go to help a friend?
How far did God go? – was it easy to send
as a babe to this world, his magnificent Son
for that which would prove a hard labour begun?

– and who were his friends? – as yet not one,
until he had bought them,
and brought them to see
that it wasn’t too far to go to be
sorry, and willing to ask for what
he’d laboured and suffered for them,
so that
they now could be friends and live for ever, –
and nothing that tie and peace could sever.

From right outside this universe …

From right outside this universe,
and this material sphere,
came One, confusion to reverse,
with truth for us to hear,
truth that is true, unchangeable,
from One who knows, reliable.

Life-bringing message to accept
– escape from living death,
his promises he’s always kept
his words are priceless wealth:
for this world isn’t all there is
but Jesus came awhile to this!
to show us what is now amiss,
and how to find the missing bliss.