Not hypocrites

(Matthew 6:1-18)
When we’ve opportunity
for kind acts of charity,
(not to feed our vanity,
or for popularity):
if some note our helpful ways,
may they bring our Father praise.

Do we, in a private place,
seek God’s glory, seek his face?
and when publicly we pray,
still sincere, no proud display
that is trying to impress,
– just transparent godliness.

Fasting, prayer in self-abasement,
not to gain respect, amazement,
but with time for concentration,
focussing our full attention
on our God, and supplication
in repentance, and devotion.

Live in private as outside,
always seeking to abide
by His Word, as in His view:
then what others see is true,
and they know who works in us,
forming humble righteousness.

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