Praying like Paul

Ephesians 3:16–19
Strengthen with power infinite;
grace may your Spirit pour;
strengthen us in our inmost souls,
tasting your riches more.
Father, our gracious God, I bow
humbly, in faith, I ask you now,
grace and reviving may we know.

Christ then will dwell within our hearts –
not just a short-term guest.
Welcomed by faith, his word obeyed,
– richly we will be blessed.

Rooted, established in his love;
may he give all his own
power to perceive how vast Christ’s love, –
depth of the love he’s shown.

Love that surpasses knowledge, – can’t
fully be understood
by anyone; I pray he will
fill you with all things good.

Tune: 86 86 888 Supremacy by N Tomblin [tune of ‘Thou art the Everlasting Word”]

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